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MOTs at Leicester Biketec

Biketec image illustrating aspects covered by out MOT service.

MOTS are a legal requirement that after three years we must all undertake whether we like it or not.

The idea behind an MOT is to make sure that your Motorcycle or Scooter is in a safe and road worthy condition.

All MOTs at Biketec are done on a book-in system. That way we you wont be standing around for ages waiting for it to be done. This has been the way we have worked for nearly 7 years and works absolutely brilliant for you the customer and most definitely for me as your MOT person, I work, you drink our free tea and coffee and sit and watch it being done.

If I find a fault I want you to know about it and I will show the problem at the time of the MOT.

Even if you have chosen to leave your bike with us and go off into town or to work, it will still be MOT’d at the allocated time. Should it have failed, you will be shown the fault it has failed on upon your return.

There are too many businesses out there that will fail a bike for the sake of it and normally on parts that can be good earners. Not at Biketec, our MOT services are fair and honest.

It has been said that sometimes I might be a little too strict but the truth of the matter I’m doing no different to what every other MOT tester should be doing.

When I close my doors at night I know fully well that every MOT has been done to the best of my ability.

I [Mickey] have a personal passion about MOTs; purely and simply I want to be sure that each motorcycle I test is a safe one. You can also enquire via our new system and I will call or txt you back with an appointed time for your MOT.

Your bike, your life, lets keep you safe by keeping your bike safe.

Safe riding keep it sunny side up.