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Stage 1 (15th April 2013)

Just wanted to send a quick note to say great work chopping the rear mudguard, fitting new LED indicators, fitting a side mounted number plate etc.

The workmanship was excellent and the finished product better than I could have hoped, but the thing that sets you apart is the advice and ideas.

Always made to feel welcome and I would recommend Biketec to anyone without hesitation.

Looking forward to the next stage."

St. Ives, Conrnwall

Personal Review from: Toni Dalby (28th November 2011)
"Please find attached photos, the photos were taken in response to gratitude I felt when I first met you and had dealing with BikeTec. I have’nt got a lot of free time due to work commitments so I needed a company who I could most Importantly trust with my Bike and my life, who was knowledgeable and honest, customer focused and friendly. I have taken my bikes to the so called best Leicester has to offer and have never used them again, and I guess the photos represent me saying that &ldquolyou don’t have to go to the deepest depths of the earth to finally find a company who really delivers what the customer wants and requires”. Everything you said and did on behalf of BikeTec, from the moment I turned up with my Bike, to me riding it away was effertless and reassuring. I was impressed by your great communication and nothing was too much trouble, and most Importantly you definately will have all my future bussiness and I will hold you to that cup of tea.... when I get 5 minutes.

Toni Dalby

The photos were taken at St Ives, Cornwall on November 17th. Unfortunately I work for one of the bigest UK/American Blue chip companys and what free time I do get is very valueable to me, I enjoy riding my bike and diving, and absolutely getting away from it all, ( because on both these sports I can’t hear the constant sound of phones and radios going and have you ever tried to have a conference meeting at twice the legal speed limit or at 50 mtrs down on the bottom of the sea floor...LOL."


Personal Review from: Jan Lee (02th June 2011)
"I passed ma CBT in April 2010 and bought my 1st bike in March 2011. It needed a service and a couple of bits doing to it. never owning a bike b4 I wasnt sure where to take it.

I asked a few biker friends how much would a service cost, they all said around the same price, so i had a rough idea what to pay. I took it to a couple of garages, one saying a service would cost 150 another well to b honest i wouldnt have left ma bike there I didnt feal it would be there when I went to pick it up, u can generaly tell if u can trust someone or not eh.

In the end a bike friend rode 173miles to service it 4 me bless him, only he couldnt do the cam chain, so i still had to find a garage.

I found 1 only to find they wanted to rip me off too. They said the cam chain would cost 45 to fix as it was an 1hr n hf job lol yeaaa right.

Then BikeTec was recommened to me by a work colleague who gave me their number, I gave um a call and I got a cheerful and friendly reception on the phone which put me at ease.

They didnt give any bullsh*t talk just straight to the point. Took ma little Turtle (Kawasaki Ninja wanna be bike) lol up the next day they started it up and knew what had to be done right away. I booked her in they sorted her out and now shes like new again.

When I took her in Dennis and Mike who both work/own BikeTec were the most genuine guys ive met in a long time.

The care didnt stop at ma bike they also offered me to ring any time I needed advice or anything regarding ma bike.

They are bikers themselves and know what its like to take ya bike somewhere only to find they want to rip ya off. Theres not many people I can say this about , but I trust them 100% and even if someone offered to sort ma bike out for nothing I wouldnt let them.

Ive since been back to BikeTec to get ma little Turtle M.O.Td which she passed. I wouldnt take ma bike anywhere else and if ur unsure where to go to getcha bike seen to for any reason I’d highly recommend BikeTec.

Thank u Mike and Dennis, thank u so much. xx. "
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Michelin PR3s

Review from: Robert Black (07th May 2011)
"Just over 2000 miles (commuting, weekend rides and loaded up on a trip to Brittany) and a month since fitting and finally I get a wet day to see if the claims stand up.

They really are quite remarkable, I found myself (eventually) cornering and getting back on the throttle much as I do in the dry. Braking was improved too. Fears of them wearing quickly due to all the grooves seem so far to be unfounded; they hardly seem to have worn t all and all the groove edges remain very square. There is little or no squaring off of the tyre profile. They warm up very quickly and feel quite sticky to the touch by comparison to the PR2s they replaced. They also seemed to bed-in from new quickly; didn’t take many miles to get the feeling that all the release agents/oils had come off the tyre.

To me there is very little difference between wet and dry riding on them (it’s there but not as pronounced). It’ll be interesting to hear your opinion on how different they feel when being properly abused!

I’ve attached a few photos, new and what they look like now. The wet tyres are new, the dry ones current. "